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From racing to the Road!City!


L CITY е нашето виждане за бъдещето на градската мобилност.

Всичките модели са базирани на единствена по рода си електрическа мултифункционална платформа.

Конструкцията и размерите на превозните средства варира при различни модели, както и тяхната товароносимост, места за пътници и пробег. Всички модели на L CITY имат постоянна връзка към сървър, което гарантира качеството на ползването им и поддръжката.

Също така през мобилното приложение на L CITY, водачите могат да имат дистанционен достъп до основните функции на превозното средство, както и да го отключват и заключват.

01 The Platform

The modular and multifunctional concept of the L CITY Platform is a perfect assistant for businesses such as deliveries and tourism, as well as for the public sector.


L CITY SUN is an environmentally friendly vehicle specially designed for tourist transportation to landmarks and sightseeing. The model is an open platform, which allows tourists to have a full experience of the surrounding environment in warm climate countries.

03 Eco friendly

When it comes to clean electric transport, a proper way to dispose of the battery is extremely important. It is the side of EV’s that is used as a main argument of those who oppose this way of transport. The problem is related to the pollution generated from disposing old lithium-ion batteries and the harm their ingredients cause to nature.

L CITY Application

Here in L CITY we strive satisfy the needs of the modern urban businesses with innovative solutions. We are proud to present the L CITY digital platform. It has been developed with the driver and the fleet manager in mind. For the driver, we are introducing the L CITY mobile application. It is created to facilitate the access to the vehicle, to control and monitor its main functions. See the galleries below for more information:

Mobile App

The main screen of the application is where the driver will have most of the information for the cars, as well as control it. At the top of the screen is shown the model of L CITY the application is connected to and the license plate number.

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